VIR MDF is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of MDF Boards across India. VIR MDF provides a wide range of MDF boards, which include VIR MDF, VIR HDFWR, and Pre-Laminated MDF boards. All our products are manufactured using high-grade wood fiber and are ideal for residential or commercial furniture. We offer 2 different grades of MDF boards, interior grade, which is ideal for interior décor use for any residential or commercial property, and Exterior grade which provides high density and great strength. Our Prelam boards are available in 3 grades, including Interior Grade, Exterior Grade, and HDFWR. Our products are trusted as we use cutting-edge German technology.


Rushil House, Near Neelkanth Green Bungalow, Off. Sindhu Bhavan Road, Shilaj, Ahmedabad-380058

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