Soft Services in Facilities Management

A wide range of services that are important in maintaining building inhabitants' ease, safety, and well being are referred to as "soft services" as a whole. These services include janitorial and cleaning duties like scrubbing, dusting, and washing surfaces in addition to waste management and disposal programs. Other soft FM services include gardening chores like plant maintenance, tree pruning, and grass cutting.

Hospitality and retail services, such as food and water services, can also be categorized as soft FM. A few examples of security services that make up a sizable portion of the soft services in building management are access control, surveillance, and monitoring tools. These services are crucial for safeguarding the wellbeing of building occupants and preventing unauthorized entrance or criminal activity.

Hard Services in Facilities Management

Hard FM services' primary objective is to ensure that the building's technological systems are in top condition. This includes a wide range of technical competencies, such as:

Construction, maintenance, and repair of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are all a part of Hard FM services. In order to provide the building's occupants with a comfortable and safe working environment, it is necessary to ensure that the systems are functioning swiftly and effectively.

Plumbing: Plumbing services are available in addition to hard FM services and include building, keeping, and repairing pipes, valves, and fittings. This ensures that the building's water systems are free of leaks and challenges and are in excellent working condition.

Electrical repair: Electrical repair services are a part of the Hard FM services. In this situation, electrical systems like wiring, lighting, and switches can be built, kept, and fixed.

Mechanical Maintenance: Hard FM also provides this service, which involves building, maintaining, and fixing mechanical systems like elevators and other mechanical systems.

Difference between Soft FM and Hard FM Services
Soft FM and hard FM services are two separate aspects of facility management that each include different types of services. Hard FM services are mechanical in nature, as compared to soft FM services, which are non-technical. The primary difference between soft FM services and hard FM services is this. Soft services in facilities management typically work to keep a building or facility tidy, secure, and well-maintained. Soft FM services include things like janitorial services, landscaping, food, security, and maintaining furniture and fixtures. These activities are typically provided by private contractors or other service providers.


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