Auckland-based GeekHQ provides cutting-edge IT services and solutions. Our customers' success and our team's love of technology drive us every day. We prioritize client innovation and technological advancement.

We want to change people's views about IT. GeekHQ serves this goal. Our top-notch help at reasonable costs dispels IT myths. This has made us a trusted source for timely thoughts and counsel. We design websites and software, install and maintain hardware and software, and more.

Our success depends on customer satisfaction. To ensure consumer pleasure, we will do all it takes. As we desire long-term customer connections, excellence permeates our business. GeekHQ customers trust us because we prioritize their satisfaction.

GeekHQ's IT team is passionate, knowledgeable, and ready to help. Today's quickly changing technology requires our top-notch service and understanding.


Foundry Road, Silverdale 0932, New Zealand

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